The Gallery

The Gallery storeThe Gallery is part of the Gallery Kapuas Hulu initiative. In this regard we are promoting and selling local handicrafts and products, in order to help increasing the income of local communities and to secure cultural traditions as well as natural resources.

All our products are obtained from local communities in and around the forests of Kapuas Hulu and comprise a wide spectrum of fabrics, accessories, home décor, bags, nature cosmetic and food.  The creation of many of these products based on old traditions and customs and is part of the Dayak culture, while patterns and designs of the products are tribe dependent. The materials of the products are mainly originated from the forest.  But we also sell products based on recycled material in order to decrease rubbish and pollution. The products are sold in the store or on demand. While we are focusing on local products of Kapuas Hulu we are also open to offer NTFP from other regions to give new impulses to the local market.

In front of the Gallery storeThe gallery offers also tourist information and we are always happy to provide information about all the many great places of Kapuas Hulu, villages and longhouses, upcoming events or simply how to get around. We can also assist visitors and tourists to arrange or to organize their tours and how and where to buy e.g. ticket for local bus. Nonetheless we are not a tour organizer with own facilities and guides and we do not provide booking of tour packages or tickets.

Beside this we also provide Bicycle Rental service.  A bicycle is certainly a good way for exploring Putussibau especially for visitors, who reached Putussibau by bus, taxi or plane, if available, and do not have an own motorcycle or car. Moreover there are a number of great tours in the closer surrounding of Putussibau, which are worthwhile to undertake. And advanced cyclist may even do extended tours with an overnight stay in a longhouse. For more information check out “Bicycle Rental” and “Bicycle tours”, which provides more information about possible tours.

View on The Gallery And if you are interested in the local handicrafts of Kapuas Hulu or just want to take a rest and enjoy a cup of coffee, we are always happy to welcome you. On the right hand side you will find a map, which shows how to find us.

“Lets Lend A Hand for the Communities of the Heart of Borneo!”