Gallery Kapuas Hulu is an initiative of the Forest and Plantation Office of Kapuas Hulu and German GIZ and is one of the supportive measures to improve the living conditions of local communities in and around the rainforest of Kapuas Hulu while securing functions of the environment and the rainforest.  In this regard we are focusing on Non Timber Forest products, ranging from Environmental Services to products, such as palm sugar, and on ecotourism, as appropriate sources of income and

as an alternatives to timber, which is taken from the rainforest in a non-sustainable way, for example by clear-cutting or even illegal logging in protected areas. Our aims are:


  • the Development and implementation of strategies for sustainable production and marketing of Non Timber Forest Products on a larger scale and improving required supply chains, while helping and working close together with the local people.
  • The improvement of ecotourism, by providing necessary support to local communities and partners to establish or expand required facilities that meets the needs of visitors and tourists, who come to Kapuas Hulu

In order to meet these goals, it is important to co-ordinate demand and supply for both, NTFP and ecotourism, but also to bring together different interest groups or stakeholders. As a consequence Gallery Kapuas Hulu also serves or acts as information and communication forum that aimed to collect, distribute and exchange information and experiences related to NTFP and ecotourism with regard to different interest groups, such as

  • Local communities
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Partners
  • Visitors
  • Tourists

In the scope of this ongoing process and project several activities have been already started. One of which is the creation of a local facility in Putussibau, the store “Gallery Kapuas Hulu”.  The Gallery promotes and sells local handicrafts and products from Kapuas Hulu, provides tourist information and runs a little coffee shop and bicycle rental, whereby the surpluses of the store are used for the organization of on-site trainings in order to improve the skills of the local people and the quality of their NTFP.  Naturally, the Gallery also serves as a meeting and communication point for all kind of people such as, contributors, local partner and not least representatives of local communities, to exchange information and experiences.

Kapuas Hulu offers a wide range of NTFP. Yet many of these products are used on local level or for own purpose only. In order to increase the added value of NTFP and therefore also the economical welfare of local communities, support and cooperation of partners is required. Therefore we are also looking for partners not only on local level but also on national and international level, in order to reach our goals.