Getting there & away

There are several options to reach Kapuas Hulu or Putussibua, the gateway for most of the tourist highlights in Kapuas Hulu. Depending on your personal schedule and budget, you can either go by bus, air plane or taxi. Your journey will start in Pontiank the province capital of West Kalimantan. There are several airlines , which offer a number of flights per day between Jakarta and Pontianak. It is also possible to fly to Pontianak from Singapore or Kuching (Sarawak, Malaysia).

Below you can find more details about traveling to Putussibau from Pontianak and vice versa. We do not provide booking service for tickets, but if you need more information or assistance for arranging your journy, please contact us.


By Bus

By airplane from Pontianak

By airplain from Ketapang

Airplane to Sintang

bus from Sintang to Putussibau

By Taxi

By bus from Kuching


By Bus

There are several bus companies that run bus services between Pontianak and Putussibau on a daily basis. A bus drive takes approximately 18 hours, but the duration depends on weather conditions not least because the road between Pontianak and Putussibau is in a very bad shape. The buses make several stops at small restaurants. Bus companies offer 2 classes: Economy and Executive (AC and more comfortable seats).

Economy: approximately 150000 IDR

Executive: approximately 250000 IDR

In general buses start from Pontianak around 1 PM (arrival time in Putussibau around 7:00 AM) and from Putussibau around 10:00 AM (arrival time in Pontianak 4 AM). Ususally in Putussibau you can tell the bus driver where you want to be dropped off. Bus tickets for a specific date especially for executicve service should be arranged 2-3 days in advance.


CV Perintis
In Pontianak:
Jl. Kapten Marsam
Komplek Kapuas Indah
Blok A No. 1-2 – Pontianak
Phone (0561) 767886
In Putussibau:
Jl. Kom. Yos Sudarso, opposite of the hospital
Channel Lestari
Jl. Kapten Marsam
Kompleks Kapuas Indah Blok B4 – Pontianak
Mobile: 081352331011 / 085750857567
Jl.S. Parman – Putussibau
(on the left hand side, 100m before the bus terminal )
Phone (0562) 56721902 




By airplane from Pontianak

KALSTAR Aviation provides flights on a daily basis to/ from Putusibau. Flight time is approximately 1 hour.

For details about schedule and ticket price please check at the KALSTAR offices at the airport in Jakarta or Pontianak.

Schedule (tentative):

  • Depature Pontianak: 09:10 AM
  • Depature Putussibau: 10:30 PM

Trigana Air provides 2 flights per week to/ from Putussibau: Wednesday and Sunday. Flight time is approximately 1 hour. Flights should be booked 2-3 days in advance..

  • Depature Pontianak: 12:20 AM
  • Depature Putussibau: 13:20 PM

Ticket price(one way):

  • 819.000 IDR

Trigana Air Offices

  • Putussibau
    Jl. Kom. Yos Sudarso, in Hotel Sanjaya
  • Pontianak
    Supadio Airport, Trigana office is located in the departure area.
  • Jakarta -International airport Soekarno – Hatta, Terminal 1 C

Kaupuas Taxi, a local taxi service in Putussibau, runs between the aiport and Putussibau town (30000 IDR/ person). Contact (mobile): 0816 22 6918 or 0813 452 988



By airplane from Ketapang
Nusantara Buana Air offers 2 flights per week, Tuesday and Friday, from Ketapang to Putussibau and back. There are 16 seats available. This might be a good option for those who intend to combine a visit in Kapaus Hulu with a visit in Ketapang. The Gunung Palung National Park is located in Ketapang. However, flight operation might depend on the number of available passangers.


  • from Putussibau: 09:30 AM
  • from Ketapang: to be updated

Ticket price (one way)

  • roughly: 390.000 IDR.

Nusantara Buana Air (Tickets & information)

  • Pangsuma airport Putussibau/ Airport of Ketapang.

Note: Trigana Air offers flights between Pontianak and Ketapang



Airplane to Sintang
KALSTAR runs currently 3 flights per week between Pontianak and Sintang: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This might be an option, if you consider to visit Sintang or to access (or exit) Danau Sentarum National Park in the South/ West via Semitau, which is located in the South/ West of Kapuas Hulu.


  • Depature Pontianak: 15:40
  • Depature: Sintang: 16:40

Ticket price:

  • 600000 IDR

KALSTAR office

  • Pontianak
    Supadio Airport, Kalstart office is located in the departure area.

From Sintang you may continue your trip by bus or even by boat.



Bus from Sintang to Putussibau
Damri runs a daily bus service between Sintang and Putussibau; they offer executive class with AC. The journey takes rougly 7-8 hours depending on the weather conditions.


  • From Sintang: 9:00 AM
  • From Putussibau: 9:00 AM

Ticket price:

  • 130000 IDR

Damri Office

  • Putussibau
    Jl. Kom. Yos Sudarso, just left beside Hotel Sanjaya



By Taxi

There are a number of taxi companies, which operate between Pontianak and Putussibau and vice versa. They offer shared taxi service or privately charterd service. In both cases you will be picked up from the hotel or airport or wherever you asked them to pick you up. The journy takes between 14-16 hours, depending on the weather conditions. Shared taxis take up to 5 passengers. They usualls start to pick up the passengers in Pontionak as well as in Putussibau around 4 PM, but this depends also on the passengers. Please also note that everybody will be picked up from individual locations. Therefore pick-up time does not neccessarily mean departure time. A privately chartered taxi might be a good option if you are travelling in a group. Departure time for a privatly chartered taxi is up to you. The taxis make several stops at small restaurants.

Price (including fuel and driver):

  • shared service: 300.000 IDR/ per person
  • privately charterd service: 1.5 – 1.8 million IDR

Below is a list of taxi companies. However there are a number of other companies, all of which provide same service and standard.


Arjuna Pratama
Mobile: 08125698178
Jl.Sutoyo No. 69
Mobile: 081352065619
Queen Taxi
In Putussibau
Jl. Rahad Usman No. 18
Mobile: 0812 566546566 – 0821649214884
In Pontianak
Mobile: 081267041414

Kapuas Taxi
(local service in Putussibau only)
Mobile: 0816 22 6918 or 0813 452 988



By bus from Kuching via Sosok

There are a number of bus companies which offer quite a few bus services (AC) per day between Kuching and Pontianak, with different departure time. The journey takes approximately 6 hours to Pontianak. The ticket price is between 400000 – 500000 IDR. The buses stop after 2-3 hours at Sosok, where most of the buses running between Pontianak and Putussibau make a stop as well. Here you need switch bus.You may also considder a pick-up by a (shared) taxi. From Sosok to Putussibau it still takes more than 12 hours. Moreover you need to considder a long stop-over time at Sosok. Therefore be prepared for a long journey.


Importants Note: It is recommended to arrange a Visa for Indonesia in advance. There is a “Visa on arrival” counter at the border at Entikom, but you should check in advance, if it is possible to get a Visa there.