What to see

Kapuas Hulu, the heart of BorneoKapuas Hulu has everything one associates with Borneo: dense rainforest, rich flora and fauna, longhouses, adventurous trekking tours and much more …
With the mighty Betung Kerihun National Park and the in Borneo unique lake and swamp forest ecosystem of the Danau Sentarum National Park Kapuas Hulu offers indeed exceptional highlights.

But there are also many other highlights outside of the parks. One should not forget the indigenous inhabitants of Kapuas Hulu and their culture, myths and traditional ceremonies. Many of the indigenous inhabitants of Kapuas Hulu still live in remote villages or longhouses. A visit or even a stay in one of the longhouses or villages is certainly a must, if you travel to Kapuas Hulu.

There are a number of options you have, in order to combine a rainforest trekking tour with a visit of one or more villages. For example, you can travel to the north-west and make a stopover in one of the longhouses on your ways before finally enter the Betung Kerihun National Park or Danau Sentarum National Park Or, if you prefer an organized tour you may combine it either before or after your tour with an individual trip to one or more villages.

In any case, if you come to Kapuas Hulu, the Heart of Borneo, you should bring some time. Kapuas Hulu covers a huge area and traveling either by bus or boat takes some time. Getting around by bus is a good and cheap way to explore Kapuas Hulu. There are many buses that connect villages along the main road – running up to the north-west respectively down to the south-west.  Another certainly more eventful option is a journey by boat. At a certain point you have to switch from a bus into a boat anyway, in order to reach remote regions or to access the national parks. For more details please refer also to “Getting around“. More information about how to get to Kapuas Hulu you can find among “Gettng there & away

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