Mengunjungi Danau Sentarum

Visiting Danau Sentarum

Below you can find brief information about:

Accessing the park and park facilities

Best time for visiting

Safety advises and Responsibilities

Organized tour packages


Note: There are also information available on Danau Sentarum website.


Accessing the park and facilities

You can access Danau Sentarum national park either from Nanga Suhaid, which is located south-west of Danau Sentarum or from Lanjak, which is directly situated at the north-eastern edge of the park. A journey through the entire park is possible. You can start the trip in Nanga Suhaid heading towards Lanjak or vice versa.

Not only the rich fauna and flora makes a journey through the park worthwhile but also the living of the inhabitants in and around the park. Many houses in the small villages are built on tall stilts and are connected by small bridges. But you can also see floating houses situated on rafts made of large tree trunks. The majority of the people living in the park are Malay, while the Dayak live mainly around the boarder of the park.


Nanga Suhaid

Nanga Suhaid can be reached by boat only – speedboat or longboat. You first have to travel either to Sintang or Putussibau. Please refer to “Getting there and away” for more details about travel options to Putussibau or Sintang.

  1. From Putussibau by speedboat the Kapuas River downstream – 5 hours
  2. From Sintang:
    1. First to Semitau by bus, 4 hours, – or by speedboat 5 hours
    2. From Semitau by speedboat to Nanga Suhaid and further into the park

You can find accommodation in Semitau. In Semitau it is also possible to stay in “Lanting” (floating inns). Here you can also arrange the journey into the park either by speedboat, longboat or motor bandung – a kind of houseboat.

Note, there is no office of Danau Sentarum national park in Nanga Suhaid or Semitau. Therefore you need to apply for an entry permit in advance either in Pontianak or Sintang.



Lanjak can be reached by bus from Putussibau. The journey takes about 3 hours. Please refer to “Getting there and away” for more details about travel options to Putussibau. In Lanjak is also an office of Danau Sentarum National park located, where you can apply for an entry permit. There are three Losmen in Lanjak. Each of which offer basic rooms with double beds and shared mandi.


Tekenang Hill/ Bukit Tekenang

Bukit Tekenang is located in the park. From the top of the hill you have a great view over Danau Sentarum national park. It takes approximately 45 minutes by speedboat from Lanjak to Bukit Tekenang. There is a fairly pleasant Guesthouse at Bukit Tekenang, which invites for an overnight stay. The guesthouse is a facility of the DSNP management.



Best time for a visit

Danau Sentarum national park can be visited throughout the entire year. But one should keep in mind that during rainy season –October to May – water levels are quite high. During that time the lakes of Danau Sentarum national park may grow to a single water mass and many swamp forest areas are inundated. As a consequence one may only spot the canopy of the lower swamp forest areas. A boat trip during that time over the lake offers an impressive experience though.

During dry season starting from June until September many lakes may dry out entirely. And at its end the landscape may be turned into grasslands with islands of forest traversed by small rivers. During dry season one has a good chance to explore all areas of swamp forest. If you are also interested in the cultural living and traditions of local communities around the park, April to June is a good time to come to Kapuas Hulu. During these months many communities have their traditional “Adat festivals”.



Safety advises and Responsibilities

You do not necessarily have to book an organized tour package, in order to visit the park. However, you should not visit the park without a permit.

Moreover, please remember to protect your skin from the sun by using proper sun protection products. Especially if you are traveling in a boat, you are usually constantly exposed to the sunlight. Therefore you should also wear a hat and preferable long sleeved clothing.


When visiting the park please follow the following rules:

  • Keep the park area clean and take all your rubbish back out of the park area
  • Do not take any plants or even animals out of the park area
  • Hunting is prohibited
  • Do not disturb or feed wildlife in the park area



Organized tours

KOMPAKHKOMPAKH, a local tour organizer in Putussibau, offers tour packages into Danau Sentarum national park. The package can be customised according to your personal interests and schedule.

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