Hasil Hutan Bukan Kayu

Economical development in compliance with the welfare of the local people on the one hand side and nature conservation on the other hand side do not necessarily exclude each other, but keeping the balance between both is a challenge. Sustainable cultivation and usage of Non Timber Forest Products, NTFP, and the development of suitable marketing strategies can be part of a solution that helps

  1. To conserve biodiversity
  2. To protect  customary laws and rights of the local people, alongside with their traditional customs
  3. To provide an economical attractive alternative to the exclusive usage of the rainforest for timber production, as the only source of income (reducing economical driven pressure on people )
  4. To increase the income of communities and to create regional jobs in the processing and marketing chain

Kapuas Hulu offers a range of NTFP.  Yet some of them, such as Aren – or Palm Sugar –, are used locally, for own purpose only, while for others, such as Honey, production and marketing strategies on a larger scale have been already developed and implemented.  The goal is to expand the usage of different NTFP and to develop and implement product dependent strategies for production and marketing. In this process it has to be avoided to focus on one product only, because this contain several different risks, such as economical risks due to market fluctuations or even biological risks.